5 Tips to Glowing Skin Just In Time For That Big Holiday Party


I don’t know if it’s the excitement of the holidays, putting on that fantastic party dress again, or seeing people you haven’t seen all year- but when the holidays roll around we’re all in a frenzy to look young, fresh, effortless and glowing. Here are some quick treatments done right here at Mindful Women that will leave you glowing (and relaxed) !

1. Body Scrub: Our sugar scrubs can be added on to any 30 or 60 minute body massage and are always boosted with a delicious smelling essential oil. Body scrubs buff dead skin cells off, promote circulation, reach areas that are near impossible to get ourselves and make it easier for your skin to absorb a moisturizer- which is also key to great looking skin. If your holiday dress shows a little skin, this is your treatment!


2. Dry Brush: This is another option to add on to your massage. A quicker solution, dry brush buffs away dead skin and is followed by a moisturizing massage oil used in your massage sure to leave your skin looking fresh.

3. Microdermabrasion: Whether you’re getting a 30 minute Microdermabrasion (“Lunch Break Micro”) or the full 60 minutes at Mindful Women, this is a great option for getting a quick glow right before that big holiday party. There’s no downtime to Microdermabrasion (micro’s), and no pain yet they’re very effective to flatten pores, fine lines, and soften bad pigmentation spots ie: sun damage. Getting a Micro also helps you absorb your moisturizer better so you can maintain that fresh, dewy look you have right after a facial treatment.


4. Vitamin C Chemical Peel: Don’t run scared! We’ve all heard the horror stories about chemical peels, but please keep in mind our staff is not only licensed to perform them but are also knowledgeable of the chemicals we are using. With that said- the Vit C peel is my personal go to for a quick glow before an event. Not only does it soften lines, pores and bad pigment but the glow you get from a topical vitamin is addicting! Add it on to your 30 or 60 minute Facial and give it a try right here at Mindful Women, you’ll be blown away!


5. Micropeel: Performed by our skilled Medical Estheticians who were trained by plastic surgeons, the Micropeel will not disappoint. Science and technique back this treatment- the Medical Esthetician carefully removes dead skin deep enough to be incredibly effective, but is just right so you’ll be ready to go the minute you walk out of the treatment room- no downtime!

As mentioned, Mindful Women offers all of these treatments and our staff is incredibly skilled! Come see us and glow from head to toe! Call to book your appointment at 801-337-5818. Happy Holidays!


Top Ten Benefits From A Massage


Well, lets be honest- I don’t need a reason to get a massage, tell me when and where and I’m there! They feel sooo good, and life is so busy that laying there with the heated bed, your favorite essential oil soothing your senses and a talented LMT (licensed massage therapist) melting all your tensions away can let you forget about your stresses- even if it’s just for that little blip of bliss. Sign me up! Everyday!

We have such a talented, and educated massage therapy department so I sat down with Crystal Watry (Massage Manager and very talented LMT) and asked her- What are the top ten benefits from a massage? We know there are so many!

1. Massage can help increase circulation.

2. We all know this one- massage is a stress reducer.

3. With our massages you’re offered a variety of essential oils to accompany your massage, and essential oils have many therapeutic benefits.

4. Relaxation. The REAL kind. No phone, no noise, no worries.

5. Massage can increase lymphatic flow.

6. Massage can increase elasticity in your skin.

7. During massages your muscles are stretched, then relaxed.

8. Tension headaches are something a lot of us suffer from and you can only guess what helps that- massages!

9. Massages also help with chronic pain.

10. Massage helps decrease insomnia.

Just add these to the already long list in your mind of reasons to get a massage! We offer 30, 60, and 90 minute massages as well as couples massages, hot stone and the list goes on and on! Remember, you can always call us with questions! If you’re new to massages, know that we get people new to massages almost daily, and you can start out with just a 30 minute massage if that helps with your comfort level! Our friendly staff will walk you through everything. Call us at 801-337-5818 to book your appointment.

What to do about pesky sun spots, and how to avoid them.

Sun spots, pigmentation problems, brown spots- whatever you call them, one thing we can all agree on is we don’t want them and we don’t like them! It is the number one complaint I get during facial consultations next to stubborn acne. Helping reduce sun spots IS possible with a little dedicated home care and visits to your favorite Master Aesthetician.

First things first, how did you get the sun spots? The name gives it away, those spots are good old sun damage. Now I may sound like a broken record but, use an SPF of 50 or higher. Be picky about your sunscreen, this isn’t something you want to just snag from the drug store. Most drug store sunscreens are loaded with fragrance and unhealthy fillers that can cause irritation and/or breakouts. Your best bet is to visit your local spa or Dermatologists office and pick up a cosmeceutical sunscreen. My favorite? Skinceuticals Physical Fusion SPF 50. It’s slightly tinted, no fragrance, non-sticky and amazing!


Now that we have that covered let’s talk about helping reduce the damage that’s been done.

At home care with prescription or cosmeceutical products can help immensely if the products have Hydroquinone, or a lactic acid (and a productive amount). Remember, if you want a pigment regulating product to work it needs to be a cosmeceutical or better yet, prescription strength and good news is, we have BOTH! Both our Image and Skinceutical lines (cosmeceuticals) have products that help with sunspots but hands down our prescription line, Obagi, takes the cake. Because we are a medical spa, under Physicians, we can sell Obagi but you must come in for a consult first. Obagi is great to start too this time of year because we will soon be out of the sun and can start to repair. Most people use and love the Obagi Nuderm kit, which is a multiple step kit which can be used in conjunction with Tretinoin cream for even better results. Obagi not only helps reduce pigmentation, but reduces fine lines and gives your skin that youthful glow again.



Now that you have your home care down, it’s always a good idea to give your skin the extra boost it needs by getting a microdermabrasion, chemical peel, or Photofacial (laser). Our chemical peels and microdermabrasion aren’t as scary as you’ve heard, and help boost your results! The Photofacial does require a consult, but is probably the most effective treatment for pigmentation problems.


And lastly, like we’ve mentioned in previous posts, a true Vitamin C serum can help build healthy strong skin that’s more resilient to damage. Our favorites? Skinceuticals CE Ferulic or Phloretin CF if you’re acne prone.



As always, the best thing you can do is come in, get a facial, have a consult, relax, and discuss options with our friendly Aestheticians who are knowledgeable and eager to help you. You deserve it.

To book a consultation or appointment call 801-337-5818

Written by: Stevi S. Master Aesthetician

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Lets talk lip injections…

Every time I mention fillers to my clients (I’m an Esthetician), particularly lip injections using Juvederm, I get (and seriously almost every time) “But I’ll look like Goldie Hawn in First Wives Club!”. Fair enough. This was my thought too, until I had it done. Now everything in moderation, and yes, it does depend on the person doing the injections- their skill level, qualifications, making sure they’re a medical professional etc… So I had mine done at Mindful Medical by Terri, and let me tell you- I’m in love.


I’ve been asked many questions since having my lip injections, first question is- Did it hurt? No, not for me. Now keep in mind everyone has a different pain tolerance- mine is high. I did go over to Mindful Women Spa and purchased some prescription grade numbing cream that I put on the outer lines of my lips (insiders secret 😉 , do not swallow) so with the topical numbing and Juvederm also has a numbing agent in it- I didn’t feel much more than a pinch here or there.

Second question- Aren’t you afraid of having something foreign injected into your lips? Not at all, because it isn’t a foreign substance to my body. Juvederm is made up of Hyaluronic Acid, which our body produces naturally.

And third question I get- Why’d you do it? My reasons weren’t for fine lines or thin lips, I felt like my face was out of proportion. As seen in the picture below, I have bold features- except for my lips, so for me it was correctional. I also have a crooked smile which I’ve learned to embrace and love, so when Terri talked to me about the look I wanted I addressed these things and she filled them perfectly! And I still have my crooked smile!


I was in and out in 15 minutes, I had minimal swelling (swelling varies with each person), and Terri along with all of the very qualified staff was fun and personable which made my experience easy and wonderful. They also treat varicose veins, have laser treatments for collagen reproduction, Botox and so much more! What a great facility, thank you Mindful Medical!!

**Mindful Medical is also having a crazy good deal on Botox including a- purchase Botox units for between the brows and get forehead and crows feet free! Call 801-337-5854 for an appointment and details but hurry, this deal doesn’t last long!!

Mindful Women ‘Only in Ogden’ Spotlight

We had Kristin Brandt (such a talented local writer) from the local blog Only In Ogden come in and she wrote up an awesome piece about our spa! It’s really neat so I thought I’d share, and in honor of our Girls Night Out coming up, here’s details on how it works! **Side note, our sister company- Mindful Medical is having a SERIOUSLY good deal on Botox , check it out http://www.mindful-medical.com/free-botox-bff/

“The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.”- Sydney J. Harris. It seems like life is busier than ever, and most of us rarely take the time to truly stop and enjoy ourselves. Lucky for us here in Ogden, we have a pampering haven available in Mindful Women Spa – and while every service they provide is wonderful, I’d like to tell you first about their monthly “Girls Night Out” events. Once a month, for $99, Mindful Women offers a themed experience that will leave you feeling fresh, renewed, relaxed, and glowing from head to toe. The savings are incredible and the themes are fun and refreshing.

Tuesday, July 29th is the Girls Night Ice Cream Social. For under $100 you are treated to an indulging sweet Vanilla Cream Massage, with vanilla scented coconut oil. You will be floating on clouds of whip cream and cherries as you move on to your Summertime Smoothie Facial, where your skin will be soothed and refreshed. Speaking of cherries… looking for a Cherry on top? For only $35 more, you can add on the Cherry on Top Pedicure. You will soak in a vanilla milk bath, those rough summer callouses will be scrubbed away with a cherry sugar scrub, and you will receive a decedent vanilla coconut oil foot massage.

Now that you’re ready to book your girls night out, let me tell you a little more about the Spa. Your visit to Mindful Women begins with a check in at the front desk and a look around the lobby. You’re greeted by friendly staff and a wonderland of products for skincare and health, and a gift shop stocked with candles, soaps, Jane Iredale Makeup, womens wear, jewelry and local handmade goods.

Before your services you receive a wonderful steam in the Eucalyptus steam room, and enjoy a cup of tea and a snack in the quiet peaceful relaxation room. A warm fireplace, low lights, and a beautiful waterfall wall soothe and calm you. It is so calm, quiet, relaxing and peaceful – you will never want to leave, but the promise of a wonderful service by the talented staff will lure you to your richly appointed treatment room.
You are provided with a locker (and a key, so you do not need to stress about your belongings at all) and a soft cozy robe.

Mindful Women is by women, for women, and you will feel welcome and pampered from the minute you walk in the door. That was the dream of owners Amy and Dr. Jedd Naisbitt, who opened Mindful Medical with the goal of helping women. I chatted with LeeAnn Amos, a Nail technician and the Pedicure manager, about Mindful Medical and Spas history. LeeAnn described how Mindful Women was shaped by Amy Nasibitts extensive world travel, and Dr. Naisbitts medical knowledge. Mindful women spa was opened almost 15 years ago, and at that time spas were just growing in popularity. Despite its longevity in the community, the spa grows and the staff train consistently on new products and techniques to provide you with the most cutting edge services. The spa reception area was, before its inception as a spa, a garage! You can hardly imagine its past while you are checking in and browsing the local goods, skin care lines, and makeup in the retail area out front.





From Esthetic services, Massage, Permanent makeup, Waxing, Eyelash extensions and body treatment – they are a full service spa. You can tour the spa, check out prices, make an appointment, and learn more here:

Follow Mindful Women Spa on Social Media to find out about specials, insider only promotions, and giveaways:
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And Twitter @Mindfulwomensp

Not just a spa, Mindful Medical also offers procedures from Botox to Permanent Hair Removal and Laser Skin Resurfacing. You can view those services here: http://www.mindful-medical.com/
1525 East 6000 South,
Ogden, Utah 84405
T: 801.337.5818 ”

Thank you Kristin!!

Why Vitamin C for your skin is a must!

Whenever I recommend Vitamin C to a client, naturally their thoughts go to oranges or supplements (which is completely fair!) but I’m actually talking about Vitamin C use topically. Topical use of Vitamin C is one if the most important things you can do for your skin, dare I say it’s up there next to SPF! In fact, they go hand in hand.

Vitamin C helps keep our skin’s defense against sun damage (and environmental damage) so add your SPF and you’re in good shape!

Now Vitamin C is tricky, not all Vitamin C products can be absorbed through the skin. It has to be formulated just right, now we won’t go into the deep science behind it but generally if your dermatologist or a medical spa sells it, you can absorb it.

So what are the benefits of Vitamin C? Oh the list is endless- Vitamin C, as mentioned earlier, helps us build a defense against both sun damage and pollution which helps us keep our collagen and helps rebuild it as well! It also is crucial to the aging process by lightening, brightening and hydrating skin! Just like the we need Vitamin C in our diet for our immune systems and overall health, we need it topically for our skin for essentially the same reasons. Best part? We’re having a fantastic sale at Mindful Women on a pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C serum. While supplies last, you can get a full size Vitamin C Serum, full size SPF and free insulated lunch tote for $89. That’s a $50+ saving! Doesn’t get much better than that! Hurry and get yours while supplies last! Want a free sample of SPF? Check out our Instagram @mindfulwomenspa or Facebook for the coupon to redeem the free sample! Simple as that! Supplies are VERY limited!


Mind Awareness

For those of you who have read some of our past discussions, you know we focus on living a balanced life.  Some of our recent posts have been about our physical health, how it takes affect on our lives and what importance it plays on how we feel about ourselves.  We tie everything back to balance, achieving self-acceptance and living happy lives.  During our day to day “to-do’s”, we get stressed out and life seems to get pretty complex.  Without taking the time to reflect for a minute or two, it seems there are so many requirements happiness demands of us.   Really there are only a couple of things that I believe can come between us and our sense of happiness; being unbalanced in our physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects of life.

Take some time today to ground yourself and evaluate what aspects of life are being satisfied and what needs more attention.   Staying mentally sharp is important, it’s an amazing feeling to realize that you learned something, being able to end the day smarter than when you started it.  Also meditating and clearing your head is a great way to increase your mental capacity.


What Can I Do While Pregnant?

There are a lot of guidelines, restrictions, opinions and theories on limitations while you’re pregnant.  Pregnancy is a wonderful thing but it can alter your world quite a bit, effecting what you can and can’t do and especially taking a toll on your body.  If anyone gained weight that fast and carried it in their stomach, you better believe they’d get back spasms, cramps all over and tension that just doesn’t seem to end.  Besides the weight fluctuations, there are miraculous preparations your body is subconsciously making in order to grow and birth a baby.  There are several side effects to carrying a baby; loosening of ligaments, piriformis syndrome, lack of energy etc.  When you’re growing a little baby, there’s nothing that sounds quite as good as food, sleep, and a massage, it’s also these three things that you can never seem to get enough of.

Medical spa’s offer a lot of different treatments, massages being one of the most basic (yet effective).  We do offer pregnancy massages, but when it comes to skin care treatments, laser hair removal, waxing, manicures and everything else, there are always questions if you can while being pregnant.  To ensure there is no risk for you or your precious baby with our treatments, skin care products or any other product, be sure to let us know you’re pregnant.

Being pampered when you’re pregnant feels so much better than any other time in your life because it’s so much more necessary,  just be sure it’s worth it.