5 Ways to Repair Damaged Summer Skin at Mindful Women!

Everyone’s always wondering how to look younger, better, and refreshed and there’s no shortage of advice and information out there. That’s why here at Mindful Women, we will keep it not only honest and simple for you- but we also offer and support everything we recommend! So let’s get down to it- how do we attempt to undo all of that sun damage we’ve accumulated over these summer months? We have 5 great options below….

1. Professional Mechanical Exfoliation: In other words- Microdermabrasion. Why Micro? Microdermabrasion is a safe, quick, easy and painless way to soften fine lines, blast dead skin cells off revealing vibrant and taut skin, cleans out pores and softens those pesky brown spots without downtime. This is a great introductory treatment to start off the journey to healthy, vibrant skin.



2. Tretinoin and Retinol Use: A question we are often asked is, what’s the difference between Tretinoin and Retinol? Aren’t they the same? The answer is not quite! Tretinoin is a generic prescription name for the more commonly known name Retin-A. Derived from Vitamin A, prescription Tretinoin is potent and powerful enough to stimulate collagen to fill those wrinkles back out, soften spots, minimize pores, AND even help with acne, acne scarring and sebum (oil) production. Side note: When combined with Obagi’s Nuderm kit, each product drives the others deeper, achieving maximum wrinkle and spot reduction.
Now Retinol contains vitamin A as well, but typically contains moisturizers and emollients to make it less potent allowing it to be sold as a medical product rather than a prescription. Retinols are also perfect for more sensitive skin.
Either way, Tretinoin and Retinol use is imperative for reproducing collagen lost from sun damage (remember sun damage is one of the top culprits of collagen loss). *Note: because we are a facility under MD’s, we can provide prescription Tretinoin, but a consult is first required.




3. Medical Grade Chemical Peels: If you follow our social media accounts ( Facebook and Instagram ) you’ve probably seen us talk about the Advanced Corrective Peel from Skinceuticals, and how excited we are to now offer it, and it couldn’t be happening at a better time of year! A medical grade chemical goes deep enough to dramatically diminish the appearance of discoloration, while smoothing texture and refining the appearance of pores, to restore a brighter, more clarified skin tone. For optimal results, a series of 4-6 treatments every 4 weeks is recommended. Not only is this an amazing treatment, but on October 7th from 12-7pm it is only $99 with full size recovery products included as a free gift. That’s a value well over $300!


4. Photo facials: Aw, an oldie but a goodie. Photofacials have stood the test of time. Done by our licensed professional, photo facials, through intense light pulses, can minimize age and sun spots, even skin tone and reproduce collagen. It stands as one of the most effective treatments for age and sun spots to this day.



5. Injections and fillers: While you’re waiting for your new home care to start showing those incredible and real results (real results can take up to 12 weeks to show, but most do start showing at 6 weeks)- treat yourself to some fillers! Whether it’s a little Botox to lift those brows, freshen up your forehead, or add a little filler for a smoothing volume to your lips or parentheses lines, we’ve got you covered. We are fortunate enough to have an in house RN who is not only backed by years of experience, but her skill level and ability to keep results subtle and flattering is mind blowing.


Now you have the knowledge, give us a call to get started. As mentioned above, we offer and love ALL of these treatments! Give us a call to book a consult or an appointment at 801-337-5818 today!