All About Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extensions are growing rapidly in popularity, and just like anything there are questions, curiosities and sometimes even doubts! We’re here to hopefully educate you not only on how wonderful they can be, but show you they’re safe too!

Why Get Eyelash Extensions? Extensions add thickness, length and make your lash line darker giving eyes a natural eye liner look! Extensions also brighten and open the eyes up for a more youthful look. You do not wear mascara with eyelash extensions for many reasons, one of which is you don’t need to! In fact, a lot of times extensions give a better and darker look than mascara alone.


How long do they last? If done carefully and correctly, eyelash extensions fall out with your natural shed cycle (you lose around 5 natural eyelashes a day), so fills are needed about every 2-3 weeks with proper home care. At this point you should still have at least half of the extensions left per eye.


How do Eyelash Extensions work? At Mindful Women Spa we use a black faux mink lash which is the best faux lash available and doesn’t give you that plastic synthetic look that some lower quality extensions can give. We first clean and prep your real lashes, then one by one attach an extension with black professional glue to each natural eyelash that is long and thick enough to hold an extension. Doing so methodically and carefully makes it very difficult to see where the real lash ends and extensions begin which makes them look just like your own!


Are Eyelash Extensions safe? Yes! If done correctly with the proper sanitary measures, proper amounts of glue, and safe professional products Eyelash Extensions are safe and can be a very relaxing experience! All of the technicians at Mindful Women Spa are extensively trained, and we use only the highest quality adhesives and extensions to assure great results. Like all things, home care and cleanliness is imperative to healthy, clean eyelashes extensions as well.


Can I choose a specific length and thickness? Yes, absolutely! Lashes come in a wide range of lengths and thicknesses to custom to your style and preference. Your eyelash technician will sit down with you and go over what you have in mind and also discuss what will flatter your face shape and eye shape too before getting started on the procedure.


Eyelash Extensions have really evolved over the years and have been a great accessory to your look, not to mention cut makeup application time in half! Try them out, you’ll love them!

We hope this answers all the questions you might have and love hearing from you, so if you have any more questions or would like to book an appointment please give us a call at 801-337-5818.

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