All About Permanent Cosmetics at Mindful Women Spa

Most of us have had the thought at one point of how much easier permanent cosmetics would make our “get ready time” as we’re putting on our makeup every. single. day. A crisp eyeliner that’s perfect when you wake up in the morning, no more filling in brows before dropping the kids off at school, or frantically finding a tinted lip balm before running into the grocery store, and we could go on and on. Luckily permanent cosmetics can solve many of these problems, and cut your general “get ready time” in half! Our Master Esthetician Heather who specializes in permanent cosmetics has answered a Q&A to hopefully help with questions you might have, or help you finally book that appointment!

What is Permanent Cosmetics?
Permanent Cosmetics is the process of implanting specialized micro pigments into the upper layers of the skin using the Soft Tap method. The micro pigments are hand mixed to match your natural hair color and skin tone.

What technique do you use?
I use the Soft Tap technique there are no tattoo guns in the process of Soft Tap. This method is gentle, noiseless, non-invasive, and gives clients the a natural “hair-stroke appearance”.

How long does it last?
How long your Permanent Cosmetics last varies. The micro pigments are designed to naturally fade over time and it is normal to have periodic touchups. There are a few factors that determine the longevity of your Permanent Cosmetics, which are best determined in your free consultation. Touchup pricing is case by case and will be assessed in person during a free consultation.

How much does it cost?
Prices can vary and are best determined in person with your technician. Every full price purchase comes with a free touch up. You must use this within 6 months.
Brows $300
Eyeliner Top or Bottom $200
Lips $300-$500
Beauty Mark $35

How long does it take?
After hand picking your color, numbing and the procedure itself, we block out two hours for each procedure.

Is it painful?
Pain is very minimal and most clients feel nothing at all during their procedure. I will also be monitoring your comfort throughout your procedure.

What are the side effects?
Mild swelling, redness, itching, peeling can occur. If you follow the proper Pre and Post care guidelines there should be minimal side effects. Everyone heals differently, the average client needs about a full week for his or her PC to be completely healed.

Any further questions can be discussed in a free consultation. Or you can leave a message for myself (Heather) the PC technician.

We hope this helps with the intimidation factor of permanent cosmetics, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have by calling our educated front desk at 801-337-5818 or book a one on one free consultation!