5 Steps To Your Skin’s Fountain of Youth

We want to start out by saying- there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who has embraced the aging process and who smiles thinking about the prosperous life she lives and has lived. What we want to share with you is how to look your best self while embracing the aging process. Here’s five steps to help get you there written by professionals…

1. WATER | | You’ve heard it time and time again, but we have to say it- drink your water. You know your body is thirsty and needs water to function properly, but have you ever thought about how thirsty your skin is? No amount of moisturizer can help ‘dehydrated’ skin, especially in dry climates. Get at least your 64 ounces in a day, and even spruce it up with some fresh lemon or mint!


2: SPF and VITAMIN C | | We love to tell you about how much we love pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C (that means you need to purchase it from your Esthetician at Mindful Women or Dermatologist) paired with a great SPF. Environmental damage, both polluted air AND harmful sun rays can deteriorate your collagen fast! Some studies have proven sun damage to be one of the fastest ways to break down your collagen. Collagen is the lovely substance that keeps your skin taut and youthful so with less of it, we have wrinkles, sagging and depletion. Vitamin C in a way creates a protective barrier (kind of like an immune system on the skin) that helps our skin repel damage, and the SPF helps protect our skin from the harmful rays that break down our collagen and create sun spots.


3. FACIALS | | Basic European Facials are wonderful for the aging process. A deep cleaning of the pores keep them clear which in return keeps them smaller because they aren’t being stretched out with dirt and oils. Facials can also be very moisturizing and can be the moisture boost that your dry skin has been craving. We recommend at least every other time switching your European Facial for a Microdermabrasion or adding a Chemical on to your facial. Doing so will give you a great exfoliation that can flatten pores and wrinkles, lighten spots and help you better absorb your facial products.


4. LASERS | | Lasers are one of the only treatments to stimulate collagen reproduction and can be very effective! IPL laser treatments, or Photo-facials , are a great anti aging treatment without down time. IPL treatments even out skin tones and tightens the skin as well, with most people seeing results after just one treatment. Another great laser procedure is the Fractional (Fraxel) laser. Fractional lasers are a great way to stimulate collagen, smooth out fine lines, shrink pores and even skin tones. Although Fractional lasers do have a downtime period, they have been found to be very effective.


5. HOME CARE ROUTINE | | A good home care routine with professional products is *crucial* to the anti aging process. It is very important to use cosmeceutical products, or pharmaceutical grade products purchased from a spa or your dermatologist. Here at Mindful Women, one of our favorites is Obagi’s Nuderm Kit. Purchasing a kit eliminates the guessing game of what products you do or don’t need, and which will work or not work well together. The kit has products that include Hydroquinone (eliminates brown spots) and prescription Tretinoin (yes, we have prescription Tretinoin as we are under MD’s supervision) as well as ALL the products you will need in a skin care routine- it’s a one stop shop. Another very important home care step is a great moisturizer, preferably one with Hyaluronic Acid which can hold up to 1000 times it’s weight in water. One of our favorite moisturizers is Image’s Vital C Moisturizing Serum. Both light yet very moisturizing, Vital C is great for all skin types and smells perfectly of fresh oranges. Please note that all of the products listed above can be purchased right here at Mindful Women Spa.




These 5 Steps are a great start to embrace the aging process and do so gracefully. Please come see us with any questions or concerns, or feel free to give us a call to book an appointment at 801-337-5818!