5 Tips to a New Year, and New You at Mindful Women Spa

This time of year it seems like we all get this feeling- “I want to be the best version of me”. It’s the time of year to turn over a new leaf, start fresh, and get a new boost of confidence!

Here at Mindful Women we get a lot of questions around this time on how to start fresh and start taking better care of ourselves- so naturally, we thought a “how-to” blog post was in order 🙂 . All services mentioned can be done right here at Mindful Women Spa!

1. Facial+Vitamin C Chemical Peel: Nothing makes a person feel better than a fresh, bright, glowing complexion and the Vitamin C peel is a quick way to get that glow! We do a lot of talking here about topical Vitamin C, but that’s because it’s so necessary ESPECIALLY with our Utah winters (think dry air and pollution). Vitamin C makes your skin healthy, and more resilient to all the environmental stresses we face. It’s also safe for most skin types, and leaves your skin balanced and usually without any peeling! When booking your facial, ask for a chemical peel add on for this amazing glowing treatment.


2. 90 Minute Massage: Trust me on this one, a new you awaits with just 90 minutes with your favorite Massage Therapist. With your choice of rejuvenating aromatherapy oils (from a local company) and choice of pressure- the 90 minutes will be customized for you. The power of touch is healing and so therapeutic – take that time for yourself.


3. Goddess Pedicure: The Goddess Pedicure takes pedicures to a whole new level. So what’s the difference between the Essential Pedicure and the Goddess? So much goodness is what 🙂 . Adding on an extra 30 minutes of bliss, the goddess pedicure comes with an aromatic paraffin wax treatment that both moisturizers the skin (because with dry winter air, we all need that!) and offers heat therapy to tired muscles. This pedi also comes with the traditional exfoliating, trimming, shaping and buffing of the nails as well as massages and aroma infused moisturizers. Did we mention our non-toxic Vegan nail polish line? So sip that tea, put your hot Lavender infused towel around your neck, munch on your fresh orange slices and enjoy that blissful pedicure!


4: Photo-facial: Ok everyone, lets get serious. Photo-facials are taking facial treatments to the next level. We’re talking lasers- and of the best kind. Oh how this treatment is magical! Photo-facial laser treatments target sun spots, pigmented acne scars, as well as other pigment problems and lightens them significantly! And with our numbing cream, this treatment is quick and a breeze! Added plus? The lasers also stimulate collagen for tighter skin!


5. Eyelash Extensions: Eyelash Extensions are perfect for a fresh new look! Eyelash Extensions are attached individually to each real lash with black Eyelash Extension glue. Because the eyelashes are black along with the glue, this naturally lines your lash line giving an eyeliner look. So with longer lashes and a darker lash line- it will be a bright eyed new you (without the need for eye makeup!). *All Eyelash Extension sets are performed by trained Master Estheticians.


And this is just the beginning! We have a whole gift shop full of professional skin care, clean and breathable makeup, body care products and so much more!


Come see us, or book a treatment or consult! Give us a call at 801-337-5818, our friendly staff is always willing and able to answer your questions!