Top Ten Benefits From A Massage


Well, lets be honest- I don’t need a reason to get a massage, tell me when and where and I’m there! They feel sooo good, and life is so busy that laying there with the heated bed, your favorite essential oil soothing your senses and a talented LMT (licensed massage therapist) melting all your tensions away can let you forget about your stresses- even if it’s just for that little blip of bliss. Sign me up! Everyday!

We have such a talented, and educated massage therapy department so I sat down with Crystal Watry (Massage Manager and very talented LMT) and asked her- What are the top ten benefits from a massage? We know there are so many!

1. Massage can help increase circulation.

2. We all know this one- massage is a stress reducer.

3. With our massages you’re offered a variety of essential oils to accompany your massage, and essential oils have many therapeutic benefits.

4. Relaxation. The REAL kind. No phone, no noise, no worries.

5. Massage can increase lymphatic flow.

6. Massage can increase elasticity in your skin.

7. During massages your muscles are stretched, then relaxed.

8. Tension headaches are something a lot of us suffer from and you can only guess what helps that- massages!

9. Massages also help with chronic pain.

10. Massage helps decrease insomnia.

Just add these to the already long list in your mind of reasons to get a massage! We offer 30, 60, and 90 minute massages as well as couples massages, hot stone and the list goes on and on! Remember, you can always call us with questions! If you’re new to massages, know that we get people new to massages almost daily, and you can start out with just a 30 minute massage if that helps with your comfort level! Our friendly staff will walk you through everything. Call us at 801-337-5818 to book your appointment.


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