5 Tips to Glowing Skin Just In Time For That Big Holiday Party


I don’t know if it’s the excitement of the holidays, putting on that fantastic party dress again, or seeing people you haven’t seen all year- but when the holidays roll around we’re all in a frenzy to look young, fresh, effortless and glowing. Here are some quick treatments done right here at Mindful Women that will leave you glowing (and relaxed) !

1. Body Scrub: Our sugar scrubs can be added on to any 30 or 60 minute body massage and are always boosted with a delicious smelling essential oil. Body scrubs buff dead skin cells off, promote circulation, reach areas that are near impossible to get ourselves and make it easier for your skin to absorb a moisturizer- which is also key to great looking skin. If your holiday dress shows a little skin, this is your treatment!


2. Dry Brush: This is another option to add on to your massage. A quicker solution, dry brush buffs away dead skin and is followed by a moisturizing massage oil used in your massage sure to leave your skin looking fresh.

3. Microdermabrasion: Whether you’re getting a 30 minute Microdermabrasion (“Lunch Break Micro”) or the full 60 minutes at Mindful Women, this is a great option for getting a quick glow right before that big holiday party. There’s no downtime to Microdermabrasion (micro’s), and no pain yet they’re very effective to flatten pores, fine lines, and soften bad pigmentation spots ie: sun damage. Getting a Micro also helps you absorb your moisturizer better so you can maintain that fresh, dewy look you have right after a facial treatment.


4. Vitamin C Chemical Peel: Don’t run scared! We’ve all heard the horror stories about chemical peels, but please keep in mind our staff is not only licensed to perform them but are also knowledgeable of the chemicals we are using. With that said- the Vit C peel is my personal go to for a quick glow before an event. Not only does it soften lines, pores and bad pigment but the glow you get from a topical vitamin is addicting! Add it on to your 30 or 60 minute Facial and give it a try right here at Mindful Women, you’ll be blown away!


5. Micropeel: Performed by our skilled Medical Estheticians who were trained by plastic surgeons, the Micropeel will not disappoint. Science and technique back this treatment- the Medical Esthetician carefully removes dead skin deep enough to be incredibly effective, but is just right so you’ll be ready to go the minute you walk out of the treatment room- no downtime!

As mentioned, Mindful Women offers all of these treatments and our staff is incredibly skilled! Come see us and glow from head to toe! Call to book your appointment at 801-337-5818. Happy Holidays!


Top Ten Benefits From A Massage


Well, lets be honest- I don’t need a reason to get a massage, tell me when and where and I’m there! They feel sooo good, and life is so busy that laying there with the heated bed, your favorite essential oil soothing your senses and a talented LMT (licensed massage therapist) melting all your tensions away can let you forget about your stresses- even if it’s just for that little blip of bliss. Sign me up! Everyday!

We have such a talented, and educated massage therapy department so I sat down with Crystal Watry (Massage Manager and very talented LMT) and asked her- What are the top ten benefits from a massage? We know there are so many!

1. Massage can help increase circulation.

2. We all know this one- massage is a stress reducer.

3. With our massages you’re offered a variety of essential oils to accompany your massage, and essential oils have many therapeutic benefits.

4. Relaxation. The REAL kind. No phone, no noise, no worries.

5. Massage can increase lymphatic flow.

6. Massage can increase elasticity in your skin.

7. During massages your muscles are stretched, then relaxed.

8. Tension headaches are something a lot of us suffer from and you can only guess what helps that- massages!

9. Massages also help with chronic pain.

10. Massage helps decrease insomnia.

Just add these to the already long list in your mind of reasons to get a massage! We offer 30, 60, and 90 minute massages as well as couples massages, hot stone and the list goes on and on! Remember, you can always call us with questions! If you’re new to massages, know that we get people new to massages almost daily, and you can start out with just a 30 minute massage if that helps with your comfort level! Our friendly staff will walk you through everything. Call us at 801-337-5818 to book your appointment.