Lets talk lip injections…

Every time I mention fillers to my clients (I’m an Esthetician), particularly lip injections using Juvederm, I get (and seriously almost every time) “But I’ll look like Goldie Hawn in First Wives Club!”. Fair enough. This was my thought too, until I had it done. Now everything in moderation, and yes, it does depend on the person doing the injections- their skill level, qualifications, making sure they’re a medical professional etc… So I had mine done at Mindful Medical by Terri, and let me tell you- I’m in love.


I’ve been asked many questions since having my lip injections, first question is- Did it hurt? No, not for me. Now keep in mind everyone has a different pain tolerance- mine is high. I did go over to Mindful Women Spa and purchased some prescription grade numbing cream that I put on the outer lines of my lips (insiders secret 😉 , do not swallow) so with the topical numbing and Juvederm also has a numbing agent in it- I didn’t feel much more than a pinch here or there.

Second question- Aren’t you afraid of having something foreign injected into your lips? Not at all, because it isn’t a foreign substance to my body. Juvederm is made up of Hyaluronic Acid, which our body produces naturally.

And third question I get- Why’d you do it? My reasons weren’t for fine lines or thin lips, I felt like my face was out of proportion. As seen in the picture below, I have bold features- except for my lips, so for me it was correctional. I also have a crooked smile which I’ve learned to embrace and love, so when Terri talked to me about the look I wanted I addressed these things and she filled them perfectly! And I still have my crooked smile!


I was in and out in 15 minutes, I had minimal swelling (swelling varies with each person), and Terri along with all of the very qualified staff was fun and personable which made my experience easy and wonderful. They also treat varicose veins, have laser treatments for collagen reproduction, Botox and so much more! What a great facility, thank you Mindful Medical!!

**Mindful Medical is also having a crazy good deal on Botox including a- purchase Botox units for between the brows and get forehead and crows feet free! Call 801-337-5854 for an appointment and details but hurry, this deal doesn’t last long!!


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