Acne. Dreaded Acne.

We’ve all experienced it, and some more than others! Acne. The most common questions I get asked are about acne, adult and teenage! What can I do? Why am I in my 30’s and still breaking out? Or the dreaded teenage acne we all had at one point. “What do I do??” It’s important to remember that there are many reasons for acne flare ups whether it’s hormonal (most common), bacterial or a reaction to a pore clogging product, the list can seem endless! I’ve put together a list of treatments and products I’ve found very effective because boy, have I battled acne!

Let’s start with home care. Think of it this way- we go to the dentist for our deep cleaning and that’s VERY important to the health of our teeth but our home care keeps our teeth healthy and well too! At home skincare is the same way. It’s important to get a facial, chemical peel or microdermabrasion to keep your skin clear and healthy, but home care can keep your skin healthy and clear too! Here’s a list of some of my favorites:


We have to start with the Clarisonic. To let your skincare products be as productive as they’re designed to be, the use of the Clarisonic is a must. This is a vibrating waterproof brush that cleans 6x better than our fingers can. Think about how hard your product has to work to penetrate through leftover makeup, dirt, dead skin and oil! The Clarisonic helps remove all of that so your product goes directly onto your skin, and gently exfoliates which helps keep skin clear. Simply wet the brush, put one pump of your cleanser on it and cleanse your face. Easy! You can even use it in the shower!



Clearcell Acne Wash (oily acne prone skin):
This is a great wash for teenage acne as well as adults! It’s main acne fighter is good old Salicylic Acid. It also leaves your face tingling, love that feeling!


Clearcell Tonic (oily acne prone skin): The tonic is a mixture of Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid and Witch Hazel. This is a very inexpensive yet effective spot treatment for acne. I always have a bottle at home as a go to, can’t go wrong with it!


Last but not least-

Hydrating Vital C Serum (all skin types):
It feels backwards to hydrate while fighting acne doesn’t it? If you over dry your skin using acne fighting products, then often your skin goes into a “panic mode” you could say, and over produces oil which leads to mixing with dead skin cells, then congestion…you see where I’m going with this. The Vital C Serum not only has pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C in it, but has Hyaluronic Acid (which our bodies produce naturally, cool right?) to be a very light yet effective moisturizer. Added bonus? It smells like delicious fresh oranges!



Two words- Blemish+Age (oily acne prone skin).
This has been a game changer with my very stubborn, thick, adult acne prone skin. This wonderful serum reduces oil production, evens skin tone, decongests pores and keeps me clear! Being packed full of LHA, Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid and Citric Acid it’s hard to think this wouldn’t be effective on almost any acne prone skin. Now a little warning, this product is VERY strong, I would recommend spot treating and working your way into using it daily if you have dry, sensitive skin. Not recommended if you struggle with Rosacea.



Obagi. There’s nothing like it, it’s a league of its own.

Clenziderm Kit (dry, normal and oily skin types):
This is a carefully formulated three step kit that comes in Normal/Dry and Normal/Oily so you can better target the problem without causing extra irritation. The products in the kit have Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide in them, and they do this to specifically treat all types of acne. Great kit, and so convenient to have a routine perfectly paired up for you all ready for purchase.


Now for the treatments! It’s always a good idea if you’re battling acne to regularly get a deep cleaning facial with extractions. This helps your skin get a head start on the fight against acne. Of course every situation and skin type is different so your Esthetician will recommend what she feels best suites you, but I’ll list a few treatments that can get your wheels turning!

Chemical Peels:
So many people are scared of chemical peels, and I suppose that’s fair. They’ve all heard the horror stories and seen a friend or relative with flaking skin and felt intimidated or scared by the treatment. This is understandable! It’s true that when dealing with chemicals, you can’t always guarantee there won’t be a reaction, but with a skilled knowledgeable and experienced professional your experience should be great. Chemical peels for acne work wonders. They can chemically alter how the skin functions for a period of time and is a direct active ingredient on your skin ie: Salicylic Acid. Now it’s normal for your skin to be pink and to flake a few days later but this is natural and all part of the exfoliation process. If your Estheticians suggests a chemical peel, give it a try!

I love Microdermabrasion! Micros are a mechanical exfoliation so the results are more predictable with little to no down time. This is a deep exfoliating process that helps clear mild acne, flatten pores and keep skin clear! I wouldn’t recommend it for very extreme acne cases with active breakouts as it can cause more irritation.

Signature Facial:
Signature facials always include a deep cleansing, extracting congested pores and a mask chosen for your skin type which is great for keeping acne at bay.

As I said earlier, these are great recommendations but it’s always best to come in for a consult so we can customize a skincare treatment and routine for your specific acne you’re fighting. Schedule a consult or facial by calling 801.337.5818.

Good luck and thanks for visiting!


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