What can I do while pregnant 2.0?

I think we can all agree, pampering while pregnant is a must. With every day hustle and bustle, plus your always changing body- a little “me” time can make a world of difference.  Pregnancy is a beautiful experience, and our goal is to make it that much more.

This leads to the popular question “What treatments can I safely do while pregnant?”.  At Mindful Women Spa, we pride ourselves in not only having safe treatments for pregnant and breastfeeding women, but also being knowledgeable and capable to answer all your questions.

Let’s start with the Prenatal Massage. This massage is designed specifically for pregnant women promoting relaxation, soothing nerves and instilling a feeling of well-being for both mother and child. Brittany H. LMT at Mindful Women says “Our specialty prenatal bolsters will allow you to lay face down, completely releasing the pressure and tension that pregnancy can create in your hips and lower back.” Sounds fantastic doesn’t it?


We also offer many facial treatments and specific home care advice for expecting moms. Some of our favorites are the deep cleansing Pregnancy Facial, Microdermabrasion and the Micropeel.  The most common complaints are acne, a change in skin type (oily to dry, dry to oily), and pigmentation problems due to hormonal changes. The classic Pregnancy Facial is designed for a good deep cleaning, as well as intense hydration. This is perfect for someone dealing with unbalanced skin and mild pore congestion. The Microdermabrasion is a dream, and a personal favorite of mine. Microdermabrasion mechanically exfoliates which can help a number of issues. It can flatten pores and fine lines, help keep skin clear, and soften pigmentation problems. The Micropeel  is also a great option! The Micropeel is good for all skin types including pregnant and nursing women. It is a three-step exfoliation process using mechanical, chemical and physical exfoliation of the skin. The Mircopeel is a good option for anyone wanting to start the anti aging process, smooth and brighten their skin- a great treatment with no down time.

At home skincare is very important for maintaining healthy, clear and balanced skin. We offer many products safe for expecting and breastfeeding women. Both Image and Skinceuticals offer safe products that are cosmeceuticals (above department store products, right below prescription strength).

Image offers an organic line called the Ormedic line, and is cleverly labeled with a green label. This line is designed to soothe and balance the skin, and they smell fantastic (think organic green tea and chamomile, yum!) plus antioxidants to fight the daily environmental damage. Image also has the Vital C line which is a best seller among our clients. The Vital C line is in orange bottles because of the vitamin C in the products. This line is designed for dry, dehydrated skin. It is boosted with antioxidants and smells like wonderful, fresh oranges. Battling dry and acne? Try the Vital C Serum! It’s light yet effective!

Ormedic-Image    image vit c

Skinceuticals. I can’t say enough about this line, and the best part? “All Skinceutical products are safe for pregnant and nursing women” says our Medical Esthetician, Jenni Bergmen. Bergman also loves the science behind Skinceuticals and says “The Pigment Regulator will help combat hyperpigmentation (brown spots and pregnancy mask). Also the Vitamin C Serum and Physical Fusion SPF 50 sunscreen are essential for preventing environmental damage, increasing firmness and reducing wrinkles….using the two together provide ultimate protection by preventing visible signs of photo aging and promoting optimal skin health” Another plus? “…the Pigment Regulator received the 2013 Allure Best of Beauty Breakthrough Award.”


Both of these lines are offered at Mindful Women! Come in and get a customized skin care recommendation by one of our Estheticians to meet all your needs while pregnant.

Aching feet? Come try our Pregnancy Pedicure.  Not only do we clean, exfoliate, massage, trim, shape and polish in this pedi- we also include a baby powder sugar scrub, a warm and hydrating paraffin wax treatment and massage your feet with Bust N Bellies hydrator (also a favorite for preventing stretch marks for the belly, and we carry it!) . Added bonus, soaking your feet in the pedicure bowl and the paraffin treatment offer relief to aching, tired feet- a muscle therapy in a way and who doesn’t need that?

bust n bellies

Those of you who have visited the spa know we also have a little shop in our waiting area. In this shop we offer many items for expecting mothers. A few favorites are:

The Milkmakers Lactation Cookies loaded with oats, flax seed, fiber, iron and plenty of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These cookies also have Brewer’s yeast which is a “traditional herbal remedy used to stimulate and increase the production of breast milk and is a rich source of the B Vitamins and amino acids essential for nursing moms and their babies” –milkmakers.com .


We also offer Preggie Pops for nausea while pregnant. Preggie Pops are all natural, drug free suckers naturally flavored with certain essential oils specifically designed to help calm the stomach.

preggie pops

And last but certainly not least, we offer Belly Bandit products. These products are the “first-ever medical-grade compression shape wear”- bellybandit.com .  Belly Bandits help reduce stretch marks, adds comfort and support, accelerates the postpartum healing process of the belly, and many more benefits!

belly bandit

We’re full of information about pampering yourself while pregnant and hope you find this helpful! Come in for a consult, or book yourself an appointment! Give us a call, we’ll gladly answer any questions and concerns too! 801-337-5818 or visit us at www.mindfulwomenspa.com


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