Mind Awareness

For those of you who have read some of our past discussions, you know we focus on living a balanced life.  Some of our recent posts have been about our physical health, how it takes affect on our lives and what importance it plays on how we feel about ourselves.  We tie everything back to balance, achieving self-acceptance and living happy lives.  During our day to day “to-do’s”, we get stressed out and life seems to get pretty complex.  Without taking the time to reflect for a minute or two, it seems there are so many requirements happiness demands of us.   Really there are only a couple of things that I believe can come between us and our sense of happiness; being unbalanced in our physical, mental, spiritual and social aspects of life.

Take some time today to ground yourself and evaluate what aspects of life are being satisfied and what needs more attention.   Staying mentally sharp is important, it’s an amazing feeling to realize that you learned something, being able to end the day smarter than when you started it.  Also meditating and clearing your head is a great way to increase your mental capacity.



What Can I Do While Pregnant?

There are a lot of guidelines, restrictions, opinions and theories on limitations while you’re pregnant.  Pregnancy is a wonderful thing but it can alter your world quite a bit, effecting what you can and can’t do and especially taking a toll on your body.  If anyone gained weight that fast and carried it in their stomach, you better believe they’d get back spasms, cramps all over and tension that just doesn’t seem to end.  Besides the weight fluctuations, there are miraculous preparations your body is subconsciously making in order to grow and birth a baby.  There are several side effects to carrying a baby; loosening of ligaments, piriformis syndrome, lack of energy etc.  When you’re growing a little baby, there’s nothing that sounds quite as good as food, sleep, and a massage, it’s also these three things that you can never seem to get enough of.

Medical spa’s offer a lot of different treatments, massages being one of the most basic (yet effective).  We do offer pregnancy massages, but when it comes to skin care treatments, laser hair removal, waxing, manicures and everything else, there are always questions if you can while being pregnant.  To ensure there is no risk for you or your precious baby with our treatments, skin care products or any other product, be sure to let us know you’re pregnant.

Being pampered when you’re pregnant feels so much better than any other time in your life because it’s so much more necessary,  just be sure it’s worth it.