Enjoying Life

Like mentioned several times, Mindful Women Spa’s focus is on the inner and outer health of our bodies. That’s not to be taken the wrong way, we also focus on living a well balanced life in all aspects. To reach your maximum levels of self-acceptance and happiness, you have to be well-balanced; socially, mentally, physically, spiritually. To each their own, there are several ways to satisfy each of those pillars. Today I’m going to touch up on the physical aspect.

One of the most common excuses that people have for eating unhealthy is lack of time. If you’re like anybody else, that excuse is actually quite valid; it takes a lot of time to always eat healthy. For me it’s not only the time, but the mentality I’m in. I’ve noticed when I’m running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I get into a little groove; I’m accomplishing a bunch of stuff and I feel like nothing can stop me. When I’m in this “groove”, I get an urge to quickly eat a burger and fries and get back on the road kickin’ butt.  The key is to not get discouraged when we eat something that’s not totally healthy.

Being  “well-balanced” doesn’t mean to completely cut off entire food groups.  Enjoying life is at the center of our attention, if you’re constantly craving something but deny your body what it’s craving, it may be hard to enjoy your day.  The average person who eats healthy eats about 5 or so smaller meals a day.  Some eat more and some eat only two, but we’ll use the average for examples’ sake.  That’s 35 meals a week, if you eat good for 30 of them, and do daily exercises you’ll be just fine.  There’s nothing more enjoyable than eating some pizza and coke, but it’s not enjoyable if you feel guilty afterwords.  I truly believe that to have a positive relationship with food, we need to enjoy it.  We need food for survival, it should be a positive thing but sometimes we get a little carried away and try to limit what we eat so much we develop a negative relationship with food itself.

From doing this myself, I notice that eating healthier is actually easier because I don’t binge at all.  Before, if I was craving a dessert and finally gave in, I would eat a lot of it very fast.  Now that I know I can have something I crave, I enjoy it.  I take the time to enjoy every bite and I don’t feel bad about it at all.  Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon and it’s about persistence.  I find a lot more happiness with living with achievable goals, not trying to be perfect but to constantly be doing good.

Though this article was focused on the physical aspect, reflect on all aspects of life and find what you need to be well-balanced.


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