Hair Removal For Men

Times are changing- men are starting to show their “manliness” other ways besides letting their chest hair go free.  Though women love good hair, men now gloat in different ways than having an army of hairs bursting out of your neck collar.   Men see the trends and can’t help but being curious of the unknown…how they look with no hair.  There’s a high chance, if you let curiosity get the best of you that you’ll love the changes!  A huge benefit is that you’ll look more cut and fit; hair really disguises all the hard work you put into your body.  With a hairless body that has had a touch of the sun it’ll transform your body and you’ll feel like a new man.

The experience can be great, but it can also be absolutely horrible.  It all depends on what method you use and how you do it; if you get the urge one time to continue the shaving process past your face down to the chest, I’m going to recommend you show some self-control, stop and try another method.  Not that you won’t like the look of your freshly shaved chest, but you definitely won’t like the feel of it later on as it’s growing back in.  Some men get some gnarly razor burn.

One of my friends who’s what every man wants to be; big, strong, fast, and athletic, tends to be pretty hairy.  We were planning on going on a cruise and he started entertaining the thought of having a hairless chest and back.  A bunch of us encouraged him to wax it all off, like friends do who are in search for entertainment.  We heard it was painful but well worth it in the end.  After enough convincing, he decided to go through with the deed.  Long story short- I’ve never seen a man be in so much pain, not only that, his body was smooth but on the cruise he got a crazy rash and a bunch of ingrown hairs.  Though it was funny I felt bad for the poor guy.  I’ll bet he’ll never do it again because of his experience but the truth is,  it doesn’t have to be that way.  Though it may cost more, going to a salon to get waxed is much less painful and results in less irritation.

Most men shy away from the idea of waxing but laser hair removal is another story.  You’d be shocked how popular it is for men to get laser hair removal treatments.  It’s much more permanent than waxing, buzzing, tweezing, shaving etc.  It prevents you from being a slave to your body hair growth and gets you great results.  Most men already manscape so they like the look but for those how have never seen their body without hair, I recommend doing a less permanent solution to try it out.  Chances are you’ll start surfing the same wave everyone else is and you won’t look back.

Here are some great articles on Manscaping, I think you’ll see how beneficial it is to get rid of it.


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