Finding The “Why”

meditateThere are always those goals that we fall short of, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about; losing just a few more lbs, getting a six pack, eating healthy…sound familiar?    I write this in hope to give a new perspective to aid in achieving your goals.   I’ll focus on the body but the following helps with any type of goals.  Your body requires certain things to function correctly, it’s quite impressive how long it can keep running on low fuel, but sooner or later your body will require some TLC.  Like all things, it’s much easier to keep it well-maintained instead of running with little energy as it leads up to a big crash. 

For your body’s survival, it will make you rest sooner or later, but eventually it does have to rest.  The more time and attention you invest in your body, the more your body will invest in you.  In our society, it’s common for people to connect the idea of dieting and exercising to “looking good”.  Yes, if you exercise and diet consistently you will probably look good but if you’re like most people, dieting and working out is very difficult to stick with.  Most can’t stick with their diets and workout programs because they get worn out…the reward isn’t worth the sacrifice.

Though I’m talking about personal health, this fundamental principle to achieving goals has no restrictions to the achievements to which we aspire.  We all want to look good and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but more times than not the average person fails to do so.  When it gets hard, the reason we don’t go on is because we relate more pain with eating healthy and exercising than we do with looking good.  “Looking good” is too shallow of a sacrifice and a lot of us aren’t willing to pay that kind of price to just look good.   Now, if you take the time to jot some thoughts down and dig a little deeper as to why you want to look good, I think you’ll realize that there are a lot of other reasons we’d want to make changes.  The reason so many people want to look good, is because they think it will give them a sense of self-acceptance, they’ll feel good, look good and feel as if they’re on top of the world!    But… I don’t believe all those feelings come from looking good, they’re a result of eating healthy, exercising, meditating and doing other things to care for your body.  Those amazing feelings come from our bodies when we take care of them.   The real reason we should exercise and eat healthy is to feel and be healthy.  If we focus on our body’s needs and not necessarily our wants, all of the sudden we stop trying to finish a dreadful diet but we start eating healthier, enjoying more activities and getting better sleep.  It gives you a lot deeper motivation after relating it to the quality of life you want to have with your family, and guess what…looking good happens to be a bi-product.

If you find yourself falling short of any goals you’ve been trying to achieve, take some time to analyse the situation.  Why do you want that goal?  What will happen in your life if you achieve it?  What will happen if you don’t achieve it?  The most important is knowing “why” you want to achieve the goal.  Some goals you may realize it’s not worth the sacrifice you’d have to make to achieve, and that’s okay, then you can check it off so it won’t keep coming back to remind you of failing to achieve a goal.  If you really understand “why”, and what the consequences of not achieving a goal, you’ll find much more accomplishment.


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