Being Pampered Is A Pleasure

The pleasures of being pampered: how spa treatments can benefit your health


While massages, facials, and mud baths were once considered a luxury and treat for the wealthiest of kings and queens, time has instilled the sense that every individual deserves some catering to. Since, spas have become more affordable and sensitive to the wallet in your pocket. However, while booking a spa appointment can be done in a matter of minutes, it takes time to determine which spa is the right one for you.

Spas vary in technique, services, and atmosphere, and if you don’t take the time to research what it is you want, you may just find yourself having a Deep Tissue massage in a rainforest when you wanted a Chitosan Masque accompanied by the sounds of a waterfall.

Price doesn’t guarantee quality
Just because something has a higher price tag than another doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. This is the same with spas. Spas all vary in price, for various reasons. But a more affordable spa might just be equal to, if not better than, a high-end spa. They might offer better service, provide complimentary snacks, and simply take the time to answer any questions you have. Remember, you have booked an escape and want to be treated like royalty, not just another appointment. Look at all of your options when researching. Who knows, you may just find a hidden treasure.

Word of mouth is the best form of advertising
When you find something you truly love, you want to share that secret with friends and loved ones. When shopping for a spa, reach out to coworkers, family, and friends to see if they have any recommendations. It’s also good to ask if there any facilities you should avoid. They may not have found their perfect spa, but they might narrow down your search by helping you cross of those places you shouldn’t walk into.

Voice your needs and concerns
When looking for a spa, make sure to discuss any circumstances or issues you may have before booking the appointment. If you have sensitive skin, inquire if they have alternate products they can use. If you suffer from back pains or muscle spasms, ask if the staff is equipped to handle these situations and what alternate methods they will employ to accommodate for this. Don’t be afraid to speak up. You want to walk out of the spa feeling refreshed and at peace, not adding another symptom to your preexisting conditions. At this time you may also express if you prefer a male or female therapist and ask what the spa’s cancellation policy is.

Grasp the power of the World Wide Web
The Internet can not only help when researching for your ideal spa, but it can also save you some pennies once you decide on where you want to go. Check the spa’s Web site for any specials or packages they may be currently offering or sign up for sites like or Sites such as these offer daily discounts on a variety of things, including spa treatments. If you don’t find any for your particular spa, don’t be afraid to call the spa directly. They may have hidden offers or simply offer you a special to keep you as a customer. Note: There are usually discounts offered for first-time customers so keep an eye out for those.

Quality over quantity
While you may want to take advantage of all the deals you have found or simply fell in love with your spa treatment, don’t be too quick to make another appointment. Massages, particularly treatments that are more intense, take a toll on the body, and if you continue to add pressure to specific areas of the body without allowing them to recover, you may be left with soreness or exhaustion. While it is ultimately up to how your body feels and if you can afford it, how often you attend a spa is your own choice. Most individuals go once a year, while others attend every two months to every two weeks. You are your own best judge, just be sure to base those judgments on how you feel and not the end date on a coupon.

The spa is the perfect form of retreat from strenuous every day life. Stress builds up and having even a few hours to yourself, being pampered, can make a huge difference in your attitude and overall health. According to research done by the International Spa Association, regular spa visits aid in the treatment of health concerns and act as a preventative measure. Facials can assist with acne and the development of wrinkles, massage treatments reduce stress and improve muscle flexibility, and proper pedicures can assist diabetics. The peaceful atmosphere of a spa alone allows for a calm state of mind and a vacation from your busy schedule.

So relax, unwind, and allow yourself the pleasures that come with being pampered.

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