best spa in utah. honestly

This last week we had our annual Black Magic Girls Night out and it was a huge hit!  The ladies were introduced to a true pampering session; appetizers, card reading, pumpkin facial, black candlelight massage and the list goes on.  In fact, one of those who were lucky enough to book a spot while they were open took the time to write what she thought about the whole night;  like Thomas Rhett says “and it goes like ooooo, what I wouldn’t dooo”.

best spa in utah. honestly

im a sucker for a good pampering. like, a REAL sucker. sometimes i just fill up the tub with good smelling wash and clothes my eyes and pretend im somewhere in bora bora soaking in a rose petal tub waiting for my ocean side massage

then the water starts to get cold and i realize im not even close to bora bora. nor will i be for a long while.
i am always looking for ways to pamper myself on a budget. and let me clarify, im no “budgeter” i actually suck at it, i just know that a good spa treatment usually costs and arm and a leg and i need all 4 of mine.
well, a couple weeks ago my trusty hubs told me about Mindful Women Spa in Ogden. almost every month they do whats called a “Girls Night Out” and for $99 you get refreshments, fun themed activities (this month was Taro Card reading and herbal wish making- yeah, it was awesome), a black candle massage and PUMPKIN facials. i mean… it doesnt get much better thank pumpkin everything in october.
PLUS you get to chill with your ladies. its a out of this world relaxing environment

$99! thats insane. i had to take them up on the deal. so park’s mom and i headed to South Ogden on wednesday for a night of bliss. and let me tell you what, it did not let me down. the staff at Mindful Women’s Spa is SO rad. they totally got into character in witch hats and funky leather leggings to make the evening extra special.
i was skeptical at first. $99… they are probably going to give me some dinky massage and a pumpkin face mask i could do at home. FAR from it, the massage was a full hour, deep tissue, music playing – and get this, the massage therapist didnt say a word to me. BLISS. doesnt it bug you when they yap away? me too.
the facial was also top notch. full blown medical grade facial that made me want to eat my own face because it smelled like pie.
pie face… perfection.
anyway, here is their website –
they totally rock. they wont be doing another girls night during the holidays BUT they are doing a 12 days of christmas special that is supposed to be the bees knees.




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