Girls Night Halloween Style


When you were younger, everyone had several “girls nights”; they always consisted of talking about boy drama, crying, laughing, and eating lots of chocolate and popcorn.  Telling that to the guys never gave it much justice… what made it so fun?  Now that we’re older we still want to partake in the good food but it’s the socializing part that makes it so amazing!

Mindful Women Spa is hosting a fun little get-together this Halloween!  It’s our second year for our tradition and due to our high outcome last year, we made it two nights instead of one (Oct 22-23).  Lady’s from all over the valley come to our South Ogden spa because we have such a high-class facility.  This year’s event includes a black flame candle massage, pumpkin facial, glitter tattoos, bewitching makeup tricks, bounce-back coupons, refreshments, discounts, card readings and not to mention a place you’ll meet plenty of new friends. We’ve combined the fun of a girls night with the treatments and skin care for which our bodies yearn so you can enjoy the night.

Call in to reserve a place, they run out quickly but don’t get discouraged…we’re doing a Christmas special when the time comes!!


3 thoughts on “Girls Night Halloween Style

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