Laser VS Wax

The sound of laser hair removal sounds so good… except for the cost.  Should I continue to wax or go with the legendary laser?

Bikini wax vs. laser hair removal

Let’s face it with summer and beach season fast approaching, swimsuit season is sneaking up on us, and there is one thing that may need some attention, your bikini line! The big debate is bikini wax vs. laser hair removal. I’m here to give you the skinny with pros and cons to both, and most important in your decision-making process, the pain level.

I consider myself late in the game when it comes to managing the bikini line, ya know, since I am donning a bikini so often these days (my twin delivery has destroyed that dream, they are lucky they are so cute!). I was not afraid to shave daily until two years ago when I was at Charlotte Mag’s B.O.B. Awards. I noticed a B.O.B. winner of “Best Brazilian” who was donating to the silent auction. After a few glasses of wine for courage, I decided that I needed that woman in my life and camped out to win that auction item.

With bikini waxing, it’s all relative with regard to pain. It seems that fair-skinned and fair-hair colored women can have more sensitive skin – that would be moi. So I went to my waxing appointment terrified of what was to come, especially since I selected a Brazilian wax on my virgin voyage. Why not go for the full monty, that’s just how I roll! When I got on the table, the hot lamps and nerves immediately made me start sweating profusely and after the first rip of wax, I nearly dove off the table. The woman coaxed me back on and I tolerated the torture chamber for what felt like an eternity. At one point, I told her that I could take no more, I was good with whatever level of completion we were at. It was time to go. She said she could not leave me looking like that, only halfway done. I said, you know what, my husband won’t mind, really, this rodeo is over. Somehow, and I’m not really sure how, I was coerced back on and muscled through the rest of the appointment.

After leaving, I have to say, I really liked the outcome, but I was pretty sure I could never do that again. EVER. IN. MY. ENTIRE. LIFE. Enter my friends at Charlotte Skin & Laser, God love ‘em!

It took me another full year to get the guts to make an appointment for laser hair removal. For some reason, all of my friends who have had laser bikini treatments said it hurt like no other, even more than bikini waxing. Let me tell ya, these gals have never had a Brazilian wax. This laser thing was a breeze.

I was prepared for the worst, but left my laser appointment literally 12 minutes later and asked “Is that it???” Aside from a tiny bit of stinging, definitely uncomfortable but NOTHING like a zillion strips of hot wax torn off your hoo-ha, I’d give it a pain level of 5 at most. Trust me ladies, we’ve all given birth, this is cake! I cannot say the same for bikini-waxing. I’d rather give birth to my twins ten times over before enduring that hot mess again!

So let’s talk cost comparison. Waxing typically costs anywhere from $50 for a regular bikini wax to up to $100 with tip for Brazilian. Laser hair removal packages may appear to be a ton more up front, ranging from $800-$1,200 for a full treatment package. But if you plan to stick with a waxing regimen monthly over the summer and maybe a few other maintenance trips a year, you’ll find laser hair removal much less expensive.

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