5 Ways to Repair Damaged Summer Skin at Mindful Women!

Everyone’s always wondering how to look younger, better, and refreshed and there’s no shortage of advice and information out there. That’s why here at Mindful Women, we will keep it not only honest and simple for you- but we also offer and support everything we recommend! So let’s get down to it- how do we attempt to undo all of that sun damage we’ve accumulated over these summer months? We have 5 great options below….

1. Professional Mechanical Exfoliation: In other words- Microdermabrasion. Why Micro? Microdermabrasion is a safe, quick, easy and painless way to soften fine lines, blast dead skin cells off revealing vibrant and taut skin, cleans out pores and softens those pesky brown spots without downtime. This is a great introductory treatment to start off the journey to healthy, vibrant skin.



2. Tretinoin and Retinol Use: A question we are often asked is, what’s the difference between Tretinoin and Retinol? Aren’t they the same? The answer is not quite! Tretinoin is a generic prescription name for the more commonly known name Retin-A. Derived from Vitamin A, prescription Tretinoin is potent and powerful enough to stimulate collagen to fill those wrinkles back out, soften spots, minimize pores, AND even help with acne, acne scarring and sebum (oil) production. Side note: When combined with Obagi’s Nuderm kit, each product drives the others deeper, achieving maximum wrinkle and spot reduction.
Now Retinol contains vitamin A as well, but typically contains moisturizers and emollients to make it less potent allowing it to be sold as a medical product rather than a prescription. Retinols are also perfect for more sensitive skin.
Either way, Tretinoin and Retinol use is imperative for reproducing collagen lost from sun damage (remember sun damage is one of the top culprits of collagen loss). *Note: because we are a facility under MD’s, we can provide prescription Tretinoin, but a consult is first required.




3. Medical Grade Chemical Peels: If you follow our social media accounts ( Facebook and Instagram ) you’ve probably seen us talk about the Advanced Corrective Peel from Skinceuticals, and how excited we are to now offer it, and it couldn’t be happening at a better time of year! A medical grade chemical goes deep enough to dramatically diminish the appearance of discoloration, while smoothing texture and refining the appearance of pores, to restore a brighter, more clarified skin tone. For optimal results, a series of 4-6 treatments every 4 weeks is recommended. Not only is this an amazing treatment, but on October 7th from 12-7pm it is only $99 with full size recovery products included as a free gift. That’s a value well over $300!


4. Photo facials: Aw, an oldie but a goodie. Photofacials have stood the test of time. Done by our licensed professional, photo facials, through intense light pulses, can minimize age and sun spots, even skin tone and reproduce collagen. It stands as one of the most effective treatments for age and sun spots to this day.



5. Injections and fillers: While you’re waiting for your new home care to start showing those incredible and real results (real results can take up to 12 weeks to show, but most do start showing at 6 weeks)- treat yourself to some fillers! Whether it’s a little Botox to lift those brows, freshen up your forehead, or add a little filler for a smoothing volume to your lips or parentheses lines, we’ve got you covered. We are fortunate enough to have an in house RN who is not only backed by years of experience, but her skill level and ability to keep results subtle and flattering is mind blowing.


Now you have the knowledge, give us a call to get started. As mentioned above, we offer and love ALL of these treatments! Give us a call to book a consult or an appointment at 801-337-5818 today!


New Anti-Aging Professional Laser Treatments At Home!

We are so excited to offer Tria Age-Defying Laser paired with Skinceuticals!

What is Tria? Tria is a proven at-home laser treatment that improves overall appearance of your skin, improves skin’s smoothness and diminishes wrinkles. It is also FDA cleared and is clinically proven.


Tria works by activating the skin’s healing process to generate new collagen for a smoother, more youthful complexion. In other words, that anti-aging laser treatment you’ve been wanting to get done but the down time made you nervous? You can now do a more subtle version at home without the downtime and get great results too!

Tria Laser Bundle comes with the always coveted C E Ferulic which is a triple antioxidant proven to to provide advanced environmental protection and improves fine lines, wrinkles and firmness. Use C E Ferulic immediately after laser treatment to smooth and replenish.


The bundle also includes Skinceutical’s Resveratrol B E which is used after the laser treatment as well being the second step *after the C E Ferulic to repair and soothe.

This is a dynamic trio like you’ve never used at home before- an absolute break through! To purchase, come see us at 1525 East 6000 South, South Ogden Utah OR book an appointment to get this service performed by one of our wonderful, educated Master Estheticians! You can also join us August 12th from 11am-1pm or 4pm-6pm for a skin analysis and to learn more about this amazing kit! Give us a call at 801-337-5818.

Mindful Women Now Offers Injections!: The Truth About Fillers and Botox Injections:

Fillers and Botox, to most of us, have always seemed so “Hollywood” or unnatural, but lets be honest- we’ve all secretly thought about a little filler here or some Botox there to smooth out those furrows. Truth is, fillers and Botox are safe and can look as natural as the talent of the professional performing the procedure. Sure we’ve all seen the “trout pout” or “clown face”, but an experienced professional knows when to stop, how much is needed here or there and what fits best with your face shape. Best part is, not only are we now OFFERING filler and Botox injections at Mindful Women, but we have one of the most qualified, highly experienced professionals performing the injections- Teri Kirkland RN, and we couldn’t be more excited! Teri has a welcoming, calm energy that makes anyone feel at ease- so if you’re nervous, she’s the perfect person to have answer questions and perform your injections. Now lets address some common questions and get yourself signed up!

Where can I get Botox and how does it work? General rule of thumb- Botox goes from the “crows feet” up. So forehead, furrows, and crows feet can be safely injected. Why? Botox blocks the signals from the nerves to the muscles so the muscles can’t contract, and you wouldn’t want to stop movement anywhere below the eyes right?


How long does Botox last? Generally 4-6 months, but it does all depend on how quickly your body metabolizes it.

Is Botox safe? Botox is safe as long as it is injected by an experienced professional. Botox is also FDA approved.

What are Fillers? Fillers are different than Botox. The most commonly used fillers are Hyaluronic Acid fillers, which is what we use at Mindful Women. Hyaluronic Acid is already present in the body, which puts a lot of minds at ease. It is a gel like substance that gives a natural, plumped look. Fillers are injected below the eyes generally used to fill the “parentheses”, pitted acne scars, smooth lip lines, plump lips and smooth wrinkles.


How long do fillers last? Hyaluronic Acid fillers typically last 9-12 months, but once again depends on how quick your body metabolizes it.

Fillers and Botox, if performed correctly, can look completely natural and leave people wondering how you’re looking so fresh faced, but not so unnatural that it’s obvious what you’ve had done- and isn’t that what we all want?

Mindful Women is now a one stop shop, you can book your injection appointments at the same place and time you book your facials, massages and pedicures! How convenient is that? Book your consult at 801-337-5818!

All About Permanent Cosmetics at Mindful Women Spa

Most of us have had the thought at one point of how much easier permanent cosmetics would make our “get ready time” as we’re putting on our makeup every. single. day. A crisp eyeliner that’s perfect when you wake up in the morning, no more filling in brows before dropping the kids off at school, or frantically finding a tinted lip balm before running into the grocery store, and we could go on and on. Luckily permanent cosmetics can solve many of these problems, and cut your general “get ready time” in half! Our Master Esthetician Heather who specializes in permanent cosmetics has answered a Q&A to hopefully help with questions you might have, or help you finally book that appointment!

What is Permanent Cosmetics?
Permanent Cosmetics is the process of implanting specialized micro pigments into the upper layers of the skin using the Soft Tap method. The micro pigments are hand mixed to match your natural hair color and skin tone.

What technique do you use?
I use the Soft Tap technique there are no tattoo guns in the process of Soft Tap. This method is gentle, noiseless, non-invasive, and gives clients the a natural “hair-stroke appearance”.

How long does it last?
How long your Permanent Cosmetics last varies. The micro pigments are designed to naturally fade over time and it is normal to have periodic touchups. There are a few factors that determine the longevity of your Permanent Cosmetics, which are best determined in your free consultation. Touchup pricing is case by case and will be assessed in person during a free consultation.

How much does it cost?
Prices can vary and are best determined in person with your technician. Every full price purchase comes with a free touch up. You must use this within 6 months.
Brows $300
Eyeliner Top or Bottom $200
Lips $300-$500
Beauty Mark $35

How long does it take?
After hand picking your color, numbing and the procedure itself, we block out two hours for each procedure.

Is it painful?
Pain is very minimal and most clients feel nothing at all during their procedure. I will also be monitoring your comfort throughout your procedure.

What are the side effects?
Mild swelling, redness, itching, peeling can occur. If you follow the proper Pre and Post care guidelines there should be minimal side effects. Everyone heals differently, the average client needs about a full week for his or her PC to be completely healed.

Any further questions can be discussed in a free consultation. Or you can leave a message for myself (Heather) the PC technician.

We hope this helps with the intimidation factor of permanent cosmetics, and we’re always happy to answer any questions you might have by calling our educated front desk at 801-337-5818 or book a one on one free consultation!

Pc: http://makeupandbeauty.com/things-you-must-know-about-permanent-makeup/

5 Steps To Your Skin’s Fountain of Youth

We want to start out by saying- there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who has embraced the aging process and who smiles thinking about the prosperous life she lives and has lived. What we want to share with you is how to look your best self while embracing the aging process. Here’s five steps to help get you there written by professionals…

1. WATER | | You’ve heard it time and time again, but we have to say it- drink your water. You know your body is thirsty and needs water to function properly, but have you ever thought about how thirsty your skin is? No amount of moisturizer can help ‘dehydrated’ skin, especially in dry climates. Get at least your 64 ounces in a day, and even spruce it up with some fresh lemon or mint!


2: SPF and VITAMIN C | | We love to tell you about how much we love pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C (that means you need to purchase it from your Esthetician at Mindful Women or Dermatologist) paired with a great SPF. Environmental damage, both polluted air AND harmful sun rays can deteriorate your collagen fast! Some studies have proven sun damage to be one of the fastest ways to break down your collagen. Collagen is the lovely substance that keeps your skin taut and youthful so with less of it, we have wrinkles, sagging and depletion. Vitamin C in a way creates a protective barrier (kind of like an immune system on the skin) that helps our skin repel damage, and the SPF helps protect our skin from the harmful rays that break down our collagen and create sun spots.


3. FACIALS | | Basic European Facials are wonderful for the aging process. A deep cleaning of the pores keep them clear which in return keeps them smaller because they aren’t being stretched out with dirt and oils. Facials can also be very moisturizing and can be the moisture boost that your dry skin has been craving. We recommend at least every other time switching your European Facial for a Microdermabrasion or adding a Chemical on to your facial. Doing so will give you a great exfoliation that can flatten pores and wrinkles, lighten spots and help you better absorb your facial products.


4. LASERS | | Lasers are one of the only treatments to stimulate collagen reproduction and can be very effective! IPL laser treatments, or Photo-facials , are a great anti aging treatment without down time. IPL treatments even out skin tones and tightens the skin as well, with most people seeing results after just one treatment. Another great laser procedure is the Fractional (Fraxel) laser. Fractional lasers are a great way to stimulate collagen, smooth out fine lines, shrink pores and even skin tones. Although Fractional lasers do have a downtime period, they have been found to be very effective.


5. HOME CARE ROUTINE | | A good home care routine with professional products is *crucial* to the anti aging process. It is very important to use cosmeceutical products, or pharmaceutical grade products purchased from a spa or your dermatologist. Here at Mindful Women, one of our favorites is Obagi’s Nuderm Kit. Purchasing a kit eliminates the guessing game of what products you do or don’t need, and which will work or not work well together. The kit has products that include Hydroquinone (eliminates brown spots) and prescription Tretinoin (yes, we have prescription Tretinoin as we are under MD’s supervision) as well as ALL the products you will need in a skin care routine- it’s a one stop shop. Another very important home care step is a great moisturizer, preferably one with Hyaluronic Acid which can hold up to 1000 times it’s weight in water. One of our favorite moisturizers is Image’s Vital C Moisturizing Serum. Both light yet very moisturizing, Vital C is great for all skin types and smells perfectly of fresh oranges. Please note that all of the products listed above can be purchased right here at Mindful Women Spa.




These 5 Steps are a great start to embrace the aging process and do so gracefully. Please come see us with any questions or concerns, or feel free to give us a call to book an appointment at 801-337-5818!

It’s all about the eyes…

Eyebrows, eyelashes, under eye care- we do and have it all. We are frequently asked the question- “How can I get a more youthful appearance around my eyes? They look so tired!” So here are 5 tips to brighten, lift and tighten the appearance of your eyes all done right here at Mindful Women Spa!

1. Brow Wax. Although this seems simple, it is probably the most important thing you can do to give the appearance of a clean, bright youthful look. It’s important you go to a licensed professional for this. Professionals are trained to look at the dimensions of your face, note where your arch should be according to your pupil, where your brows start according to your nostrils….need I go on? Each brow wax at Mindful Women is done custom just for your face shape, and we couldn’t be happier to assist you in getting your desired look.


2. Brow Dye. This goes hand in hand with the brow wax and is somewhat of a bolder look that some are timid to at first, but once you get used to it- it becomes a must! At Mindful Women we use a special brow dye that lasts much longer than traditional hair dye and is formulated to be a flattering and natural eyebrow color. Brow dye enhances richness to the brow, makes them appear thicker and gives a crisper look to the brow. Communicate with your Esthetician with the darkness you’d like and you’ll be thrilled with the results!


3. Brow Gel and Filling In . If you weren’t blessed with thick, luscious brows- no worries! Jane Iredale carried right here at Mindful Women has so many easy options! First- and the quickest and easiest way to enhance your thickness and richness is a brow gel. A lot like a mascara for your brows, brow gel is applied in upward strokes and coats the hairs for a thicker look without clumping or leaving behind a mess. The brow gel also comes in all different shades to match your color accordingly! So what if you have some bare patches that need more assistance than just a brow gel? That’s where the brow kit comes in. The brow kit comes with a pigmented brow powder and brushes to line and fill your brows to the desired shape! Curly or unruly brows? It also comes with a brow wax to keep those strays in place!


4. Eyelash Extensions. To compliment those new beautiful brows, try some longer thicker eyelashes! Performed right here at Mindful Women by qualified, licensed Master Estheticians- eyelash extensions give a darker lash line, longer-thicker lashes and the best part? No mascara! Using an eyelash extension with a good curl creates an upwards, lifted appearance which brightens the eye for that fun youthful eye! And have we mentioned the side profile with eyelash extensions? It’s adorable. Come see us for a full set (average procedure time 2 hours) and upkeep with fills every 2-3 weeks.

**Photo of actual set of Eyelash Extensions done by one of our Master Estheticians.

5. A Professional Eye Cream. We may sound like a broken record on this subject, but *professional* in professional eye cream is the key word. A professional cosmeceutical and/or prescription eye cream can legally have the active ingredients for results whereas cosmetic cream (ie: department store or drug store products) cannot and can sometimes have similar price tags! A good eye cream in necessary for tired, dehydrated, thin under eye skin. Come get a consult from one of our knowledgable Estheticians and find out which eye cream suits you best!

**Before and after of proper use of Obagi’s Elastiderm Eye Cream sold at Mindful Women Spa.

All the services and products mentioned above can be done or purchased at Mindful Women. Come see us, or give us a call to book an appointment or consult at 801-337-5818.

Photo creds:
Brow wax before and after pic cred

Brow wax cred collage

Elastiderm before and after


Brow kit before and after

All About Obagi Regenica Products

We talk a lot about the importance of professional and medical grade skincare here- so we’ve decided to highlight some of our favorites, and also get your “need” list all ready and prepped for our Obagi Lunch and Learn Event on February 23rd!

One of our absolute favorites is Obagi’s ReGenica products. Haven’t heard about it before? That’s because it’s one of Obagi’s newest, latest, greatest, must haves (should we go on…?). We love it, and here’s why….

-The ReGenica line has a specific product for post laser care called ReGenica Facial Rejuvenation complex. It’s “elegant gel formula” is non-irritating and non-allergenic on that freshly lasered skin, and has specific growth factors designed to more rapidly reduce the side effects of post laser and helps your skin heal and hold moisture by about day 7. If you’ve had a laser treatment, you know that anything that helps you retain moisture and heal better/quicker is absolutely worth it.


-For a day and night treatment we have ReGenica Day Repair Broad Spectrum SPF 15 and ReGenica Overnight Repair.

“Developed by Dr. Gail Naughton, world-renowned regenerative medicine scientist, ReGenica Day and Night Repair deliver the power of next generation growth factor technology in an every-day, fragrance-free and non-irritating formula. Unlike other growth factor products these formulations offer the patented Multi-potent CCM Complex™, specifically designed to reduce the appearance of environmental damage and:

*Visibly improve the appearance of pores
*Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
*Smooth and hydrate rough, uneven skin ” – Obagi


In love yet? Us too! If you love Obagi, ReGenica will not disappoint! And right now if you purchase the Day Repair, you receive 1/2 off the night repair!

Give us a call for questions or a free consult with a professional at 801-337-5818.

5 Tips to a New Year, and New You at Mindful Women Spa

This time of year it seems like we all get this feeling- “I want to be the best version of me”. It’s the time of year to turn over a new leaf, start fresh, and get a new boost of confidence!

Here at Mindful Women we get a lot of questions around this time on how to start fresh and start taking better care of ourselves- so naturally, we thought a “how-to” blog post was in order 🙂 . All services mentioned can be done right here at Mindful Women Spa!

1. Facial+Vitamin C Chemical Peel: Nothing makes a person feel better than a fresh, bright, glowing complexion and the Vitamin C peel is a quick way to get that glow! We do a lot of talking here about topical Vitamin C, but that’s because it’s so necessary ESPECIALLY with our Utah winters (think dry air and pollution). Vitamin C makes your skin healthy, and more resilient to all the environmental stresses we face. It’s also safe for most skin types, and leaves your skin balanced and usually without any peeling! When booking your facial, ask for a chemical peel add on for this amazing glowing treatment.


2. 90 Minute Massage: Trust me on this one, a new you awaits with just 90 minutes with your favorite Massage Therapist. With your choice of rejuvenating aromatherapy oils (from a local company) and choice of pressure- the 90 minutes will be customized for you. The power of touch is healing and so therapeutic – take that time for yourself.


3. Goddess Pedicure: The Goddess Pedicure takes pedicures to a whole new level. So what’s the difference between the Essential Pedicure and the Goddess? So much goodness is what 🙂 . Adding on an extra 30 minutes of bliss, the goddess pedicure comes with an aromatic paraffin wax treatment that both moisturizers the skin (because with dry winter air, we all need that!) and offers heat therapy to tired muscles. This pedi also comes with the traditional exfoliating, trimming, shaping and buffing of the nails as well as massages and aroma infused moisturizers. Did we mention our non-toxic Vegan nail polish line? So sip that tea, put your hot Lavender infused towel around your neck, munch on your fresh orange slices and enjoy that blissful pedicure!


4: Photo-facial: Ok everyone, lets get serious. Photo-facials are taking facial treatments to the next level. We’re talking lasers- and of the best kind. Oh how this treatment is magical! Photo-facial laser treatments target sun spots, pigmented acne scars, as well as other pigment problems and lightens them significantly! And with our numbing cream, this treatment is quick and a breeze! Added plus? The lasers also stimulate collagen for tighter skin!


5. Eyelash Extensions: Eyelash Extensions are perfect for a fresh new look! Eyelash Extensions are attached individually to each real lash with black Eyelash Extension glue. Because the eyelashes are black along with the glue, this naturally lines your lash line giving an eyeliner look. So with longer lashes and a darker lash line- it will be a bright eyed new you (without the need for eye makeup!). *All Eyelash Extension sets are performed by trained Master Estheticians.


And this is just the beginning! We have a whole gift shop full of professional skin care, clean and breathable makeup, body care products and so much more!


Come see us, or book a treatment or consult! Give us a call at 801-337-5818, our friendly staff is always willing and able to answer your questions!

Jane Iredale Fresh Face Holiday Makeup

Mindful Women Spa is excited to invite Fashion and Beauty Blogger Gentri Lee and Fashion Instagrammer Stevi Marie to do a natural, fresh faced, holiday makeup tutorial. Both Gentri and Stevi are licensed Estheticians and Makeup Artists who love Jane Iredale makeup for its clean, natural, non-comedogenic nature and beautiful pigment and tones. Enjoy these two great makeup tutorials and remember all Jane Iredale makeup is %20 off today (Dec 16, 2014) at Mindful Women! Come in and try it out, and on top of the discount you can get a free lip color with a $75 makeup purchase or more!

Now to one of our favorite bloggers Gentri Lee….

When I was younger all I cared about were the “cool factors” in products. Does it have beautiful packaging? Does it meet all of the latest trend requirements? Is it what I saw on the runways? Well, as my skin starts to age, I find that there are more important questions I should be asking… and I really wish I had asked them sooner… Are the ingredients good for my skin? Does it protect my skin? Is it non-comedogenic? Now that I am “older” and wiser, I realize what really matters in a makeup product, and Jane Iredale is a great example of that.

Jane Iredale, which you can purchase from the Mindful Women Spa, is a wonderful line that will not only keep your skin young and healthy, but do the job it’s meant to do. The makeup goes on light and yet delivers the full coverage that most women are looking for. It’s going to protect your skin while making you look picture perfect.

For this post I wanted a warm, natural, and rosy look. First, I used the Jane Iredale concealer in an inverted triangle pattern to hide those dark circles under my eyes that weren’t there a year ago… sigh, I am not loving this whole aging thing.

Then I used the bronzer to contour around the edges of my face, as well as the sides of my nose and under my cheekbones. You can easily achieve this by creating a “3” pattern starting from the center of your forehead, swooping down the outside of your face, coming in under the cheekbones, then back out and down under the jawline. I always drag it down my neck too, to fade out the contour affect.

Third, I added blush. I started with a powder blush and just swept it from the apple of my cheek and back. Then I added just a dab of a cream blush for a more dewey look.

Next will be your highlight. Follow the pattern you see below, apply the highlight then stipple it into the skin with your ring or middle finger.

Blend it all together with your Kabuki brush.

Lastly, I added a rose gold eyeshadow, two coats of mascara, and finished with the PureMoist Lipstick in ‘Kaylee’.

The Mindful Women Spa is located in South Ogden, Utah and offers a wide variety of treatments. They’re currently having a 12 Days of Christmas promotion, and today features the Jane Iredale Makeup. They are offering 20% off all Jane Iredale makeup plus a free lipstick with a $75 purchase! The special is for today only, so be sure to stop by if you’re in the area.

Be sure to stay up to date with the Mindful Women Spa Blog as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

Stevi Marie Simple Bronzed Makeup Tutorial:

There are so many reasons I can’t break my addiction to Jane Iredale makeup (which I’m completely OK with) but the top reason has to be that it’s so natural and clean!

I have very problematic, acne prone, oily skin that will break out if a clogging foundation even glances my way! Jane’s BB (beauty balm) cream acts as my foundation, concealer AND keeps me clear! The BB cream is a full coverage foundation (which true BB creams rarely are) and is filled with natural ingredients like aloe juice to calm the skin, grapefruit for a fantastic glow, apple extract rich in antioxidants and that’s just the start! It’s healthy for my skin and does NOT clog pores! Now for the tutorial:

Start with a pea size amount of BB cream and dot on forehead, cheeks and chin. Spread evenly around your face like you would a moisturizer.



Have areas that need a little extra to conceal? The BB cream is build-able so it can double as your concealer.



Next- the beautifully pigmented bronzer from Jane. Mineral based and clean as ever- the bronzer does a beautiful job at contouring and adding a warm glow to your complexion. Contour with bronzer as shown in the picture.



If you’re oily like me- you can dust some Jane pressed powder in your t zone to keep the oil and shine at bay.



A little brunette brow gel to keep my crazy eyebrows in place….



A few coats of Black Onyx Masacara-



And finish it off with a little Red Currant lip gloss!



Tada! A quick, easy and natural holiday makeup tutorial for the simple! Try Jane Iredale, I promise you’ll love it!

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